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Mabuhay from PhilCAS!

The Premier Filipino Dance Society

We are a Richmond-based non-profit organization that has been showcasing Philippine culture through dance and music, and Filipino heritage celebration since 1997.

What is PhilCAS?

PhilCAS of BC, a registered non-profit, is committed to introducing the vibrant tapestry of Philippine culture through dance and music. Our primary goal is to instil a deep sense of pride, cultural awareness, and identity in young Filipino-Canadians, fostering a strong connection to their heritage.

At the heart of our mission is a dedication to creating an inclusive community. We actively strive to harmoniously coexist with the diverse multi-cultural sectors in our community. Our passionate members, mostly young Filipino-Canadians, are driven by a shared interest in discovering their roots and, in turn, sharing these rich traditions with their peers.

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From the very beginning, our society has poured its heart into the world of dance. Celebrating fiestas and social gatherings is a cherished part of our culture, where traditional dances hold a special place, evoking a profound sense of pride.

Our performers undergo dedicated training not just to perform, but to encapsulate the true portrayal of their assigned personas. This personal touch allows our audience to feel like they're not just spectators but active participants in the vibrant tapestry of Filipino tradition.


Our passion for cultural expression led PhilCAS to venture into a new realm of entertainment – music. In our vibrant performances, our artists infuse energy and dynamism, skillfully playing the resonant melodies of traditional instruments such as kulintang, agong, and bamboo sticks.

We've embraced instrumental melodies but also woven the art of singing and chanting into our performances. This dynamic addition serves as a powerful storyteller, enhancing the cultural narrative and the rich historical context of the dance

Field of Arts

PhilCAS of BC is available for bookings at private events, festivals, theatrical performances and more.

​For any inquiries and pricing details, please contact us at or call us at 604-358-5389

Meet our Partners:

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Thank you to our Major Sponsors!

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